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Knowing rodents
Rodents control

Knowing rodents

Rodents are commonly found in sewers and drains, as well as underground soil. They are capable to adapting to any environment that allows them to go into hiding and has a source of food for them. Other than physical damage rodents cause by gnawing on electrical wiring, water pipers, drainage systems as well as wood and soft metals, they pose as a health hazard because of their dwellings

Rodents spread germs and diseases such as food poisoning and Weil's disease through contact with their fur, feet, urine and faeces.

Some possible signs of their presence include:

  • Burrows in the ground
  • Black droppings cylindrical in shape, up to 2cm long
  • Damage caused by gnawing
  • Musty odours

Rodents control

Any presence of food or spillage should be cleared to prevent rodents. Rubbish should be kept in bins with lids or tied up in plastic bags. A clean environment is needed to ward them off. Other methods include implementing traps and rodenticides to control rats.

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