The Pestman Pte Ltd

Block 37 Defu Lane 10, #02-61
Singapore 539214
Tel: 6293 4889
Fax: 6293 4882

Title - The Pestman Pte Ltd Profile

The Pestman, Pte Ltd has been providing professional, quality pest management consulting services in the corporate and residential sectors for many years. It has since established a reputable and distinguished name in the pest control industry. 

So why choose The Pestman, Pte Ltd? You might ask.

At The Pestman, Pte Ltd, we believe we are like tailors in pest management consultations. Our team of dedicated and experienced staff tailor their services to suit the needs of each and every one of our client base. Like tailoring a suit, we get involved in all stages of the pest management, from listening to our clients, providing best-fit solutions according to the issues face, implementing it, "snipping" away problems, and ensuring the completion of our services is something desired, like a well-made suit, created just for you that would fit perfectly.

That being said, of course, we need artisans to deliver only the best to you. Our technicians are well trained and equipped with know-hows and skills in pest management attained over many years of working in the industry. They are distinct in their functional and technical expertise, and with their day to day hands-on experience garnered, ensuring all our clients are given the most effective and efficient expertise advice and services.

Behind every successful technician, lies a master of the trade. Our masters, otherwise known as our management comprises of a team of dynamic and driven staff who believe that the word "adequate" should never be in our dictionaries when it comes to knowledge in this ever changing world. We constantly seek to improve ourselves by being aware of the new products, equipment, and pest management methods in the market that could better serve our clients.

Our goal, is to provide top notch customer service, that is highly versatile and unique, improving in operations efficiency as well as optimizing integrated functionality.

There is nothing quite like walking out of a tailor, with a customised suit fitted to a T, essentiating an air of satisfaction. That's how it feels when you pick us at The Pestman, Pte Ltd.

What are you waiting for? Make us your professional pest management partner today !