The Pestman Pte Ltd <strong>Welcome to The PestMan</strong> <div>We are committed to provide advice and guidance that are designed to address the need of our client with integrated pest management program that are highly effective, competitive and uncompromised quality services</div>

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<h1>Cockroach Control Singapore</h1> <div><a href="">Cockroaches</a> are most common in tropical and subtropical climates. Some species exist in close association with human dwellings and are widely found around garbage or in the kitchen.</div> <h2>Termites Management Singapore</h2> <div><a href="">Termites</a> are pale-colored, soft-bodied social insects that live in colonies and feed on wood and other sources of cellulose. They often go undetected for a long time and may cause extensive damage to buildings and furniture</div> <h3>Ant</h3> <div><a href="">Ants</a> can be recognized from other insects because they have a narrow waist with one or two joints between the thorax and abdomen as well as elbowed antennae. </div> <h3>Rodents </h3> <div><a href="">Rodents</a> are burrowing animals and will dig into almost any soil (openings will be about 10-15cm).</div> <h3>Mosquitoes</h3> <div><a href="">Mosquitoes</a> are insects with long slender bodies, narrow wings with a fringe of scales on the edge of the wing and along the veins, and long, thin legs</div> <h2>Bed Bugs Management</h2> <div><a href="">Bed bugs</a> are nocturnal insects that feed only on blood, usually that of mammals or birds. They develop by gradual metamorphosis (egg-nymph-adult).</div>
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